Fig Teaspoon Sweet from Odyssey Poros Greece

Fig Teaspoon Sweet

Argyroula makes all the jams and teaspoon sweets at Odyssey, with a lot of patience and passion. She always comes… Read More


Melizanosalata with roasted pepper – Greek eggplant dip

I have said before how much I love eggplants. They are long praised for their deeply purple, glossy beauty as… Read More


Marinated raw anchovies

Little did we know growing up about the polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids anchovies have to offer. We did know that… Read More


Katerina’s 10 romantic tips for Valentine’s Day

Katerina’s 10 romantic tips for Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is coming and we all think of nice and romantic things… Read More


My Greek twist to Mille-Feuille

Today’s dessert recipe is my Greek version of the mille-feuille! The origin of this dessert is actually a bit of… Read More


Psari Psito: Oven-baked fish stuffed with herbs

Those of you who have been to Poros and have seen where I grew up, know that my childhood home… Read More


Pomegranate-walnut bread with ouzo, honey and pears

I have always loved making bread. Some of my nicest memories are those of my mother preparing sourdough bread on… Read More


Christmas feta balls with pomegranate seeds

You might be thinking: “Come on Katerina, we have done our Christmas shopping already!” But this recipe can easily be… Read More

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