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Dessert New Years Eve Katerina's Kouzina

Pomegranate, lemon and feta-cream dessert

Photographer: Annette Spaan   Our friends that visited Poros in late September and October will have probably noticed all the pomegranate trees along the streets of Askeli; full of this beautiful fruit. So colourful and generous. Often our guests come home to the Odyssey with a couple of pomegranates in their hands, given to them […]

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Kourabiedes: Traditional Greek Christmas cookies

Photographer: Annette Spaan A week before Christmas my aunties and my grandmother would come to our house – we had the wooden oven – to make the traditional Christmas goodies: Kourabiedes and Melomakarona (Christmas cookies) and Christopsomo (Christmas bread). What a feast for us children! Our mothers were busy with the preparations and their latest […]

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Fava is a dish that to me epitomizes winter. I like to eat it with fresh, warm bread that is baked in our wooden oven. Bread made of sour yeast is my favorite. It is paradise to smell it coming out of the oven and then dip the bread in the creamy and tasty fava […]

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Eliopsomo – Olive bread

5 summers ago I had a Greek family staying with us: a mother and 2 adult children; her son and daughter in their mid 20’s. They came to stay for a few days, but ended up staying for 3 weeks. Cooking by myself At the time – just like now – I loved waking up […]

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Yoga Week at the Odyssey

Author and photographer: Annette Spaan Dutch Travel Journalist Annette Spaan spent months at the Odyssey and wrote this blog about her experiences.   The yoga and meditation week at the Odyssey seems like a great opportunity to finally put my brain into a much needed zen-mode. When I try to relax, at least ten different […]

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DSC_0493.jpg Melitzanosalata-with-yoghurt.jpg Melitzanosalata-with-yoghurt

Melitzanosalata with yoghurt

Meh-lee-ja-no-sa-lata My love for aubergines has been great since I was young. Every spring my father and I would plant a vegetable garden (I still do). My brother did not like the gardening very much – he has always loved fishing much more than anything else! Aubergines In our garden at the ktima (farm) my […]

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