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Cycling on the island of Agkistri

Author and photographer: Annette Spaan       Scroll down  for the Dutch version   After a bike tour through the capital of Greece with Let’s meet in Athens I am on a roll. Why not discover a Greek island in the same way? I am joining the day trip to Agkistri. In the port of Piraeus the […]

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Horta - edible wild greens

Horta – edible wild greens

I don’t know how common a sight this is in other countries, but my childhood memories include watching my parents – alone or with friends – walking slowly through fields slightly stooped over and gaze fixed intently on the ground, casually chattering in between stopping and prying greens from the ground with the short-handled knife […]

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Celebrating the first of May Greek style

May first is a celebration throughout all of Greece, with its roots in ancient times. Mother nature was impersonated in the Goddess Dimitra. Dimitra lost her daughter Persephone who remained in Hades – the underworld – so the story goes. But every spring Persephone could return to her mother, who was so happy every time […]

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