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Katerinas Fried Feta In Filo With Honey Odyssey Poros Greece

Fried Feta In Filo With Honey

It’s all about the feta! What ingredient is more characteristic for the Greek kitchen than feta? It’s the most famous... Read More

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Grilled Sardines Odyssey Poros Greece

Grilled Sardines with Lemon-Mint Sauce

During my childhood my mother used to prepare sardines in the most wonderful way. She would make grilled sardines on... Read More

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Rose lemonade Odyssey Poros Greece

Odyssey’s Rose Lemonade

At Odyssey we love making lemonade! Beautiful, delicious and healthy drinks that taste like summer and give a happy feeling.... Read More

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Odyssey's Greek Salad Poros Greece

Greek Salad

There are some words and some names, that when you mention them immediately a picture comes to mind. The Greek... Read More

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