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Hummus from Poros Greece Odyssey foodphotography


I am very lucky, because I have people in my life that make it so much more special. One of these people is my dear friend Anouck. The funny thing...

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Sugared Lemon Slices With Chocolate Odyssey Poros Greece Greek cooking workshop

Sugared Lemon Slices With Chocolate

As you probably know, lemons are an endless inspiration to me. I use them in many different ways in my cooking, from soups to desserts. In today’s recipe I use...

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Katerinas chocolate mousse with orange marmalade Odyssey Poros Greece

Chocolate Mousse With Orange Marmalade

Some of our guests at Odyssey have visited us many times and keep coming back, like the Dutch family van Diesen. Pieter, his wife Elise and their children Willem and...

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Katerinas Fried Feta In Filo With Honey Odyssey Poros Greece

Fried Feta In Filo With Honey

It’s all about the feta! What ingredient is more characteristic for the Greek kitchen than feta? It’s the most famous Greek cheese! This blog is about what might be the...

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Katerina’s 10 romantic tips for Valentine’s Day

Katerina’s 10 romantic tips for Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is coming and we all think of nice and romantic things to do. For this special occasion I put together a list with my romantic tips! The goal is to feel more connected with your lover and bring you closer to each other!   1. Book […]

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A kiwi lands on Poros for Greek Easter

Two weeks ago we celebrated Greek Easter with Al Johnson, Elisabeth Bitros and Ingrid Von Bentheim who all won a free stay at Odyssey, and many other wonderful guests. First prize winner Al Johnson has written a wonderful story about his experience. Here it is! Thank you Al!   A kiwi lands on Poros for […]

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Painting holiday with Pamela Jane Rogers

Painting holiday with Pamela Jane Rogers At the Odyssey we love diverse and different happenings! It inspires us and keeps us enthusiastic about what we do. One of them is painting. This year in May, together with American artist Pamela Jane Rogers, we will be able to offer you a two week painting holiday! It will include […]

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Romantic Poros

Romantic Poros Today is Valentines Day, a day of romance. I thought about what that word means to me. According to the Urban Dictionary the definition of a romantic is: A romantic is a person who believes in romanticism, which is like a philosophy on life. Romantics love nature, old things like castles and churches, […]

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