Painting holiday with Pamela Jane Rogers

At the Odyssey we love diverse and different happenings! It inspires us and keeps us enthusiastic about what we do. One of them is painting. This year in May, together with American artist Pamela Jane Rogers, we will be able to offer you a two week painting holiday! It will include many painting lessons, Greek cooking, […]

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Romantic Poros

Today is Valentines Day, a day of romance. I thought about what that word means to me. According to the Urban Dictionary the definition of a romantic is: A romantic is a person who believes in romanticism, which is like a philosophy on life. Romantics love nature, old things like castles and churches, love poetry […]

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The winner to experience Greek Easter is…

As you probably know, The Odyssey has given the opportunity to win a free stay for a week during Greek Easter. In order to win, we asked people to write a funny or special experience they had while preparing the recipes of my blog, or while they were cooking with me in one of my […]

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Olive Picking Week

Autumn has come to Poros, time to harvest the olives. After days of hard labor, we proudly drive our bags of olives to the factories that press them into beautiful, delicious, healthy olive oil. This is such a rewarding experience that no one should miss. You can come and join us for the olive picking […]

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Memoir Greekscapes: an American painter starts a new life on Poros

Guest blogger Annette Spaan I learned you can become your own worst enemy when you try to live like other people want you to. When you finally chose what is best for you, things fall into place and good things start to happen. The memoir Greekscapes is a real life example of this. In the […]

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Mythical-wedding- on-the-olive-farm-Poros-Greece

Mythical wedding on the olive farm

Recently a dream became reality; we had the first wedding ever on my olive farm! The Scandinavian couple Oddney and Tore said their vows next to the sea as their guests watched while sitting on hay bales with Poros town twinkling at sunset in the distance. Both Greek and Norwegian gods seemed to be in […]

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Cycling on the island of Agkistri

Author and photographer: Annette Spaan       Scroll down  for the Dutch version   After a bike tour through the capital of Greece with Let’s meet in Athens I am on a roll. Why not discover a Greek island in the same way? I am joining the day trip to Agkistri. In the port of Piraeus the […]

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Horta - edible wild greens

Horta – edible wild greens

I don’t know how common a sight this is in other countries, but my childhood memories include watching my parents – alone or with friends – walking slowly through fields slightly stooped over and gaze fixed intently on the ground, casually chattering in between stopping and prying greens from the ground with the short-handled knife […]

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Celebrating the first of May Greek style

May first is a celebration throughout all of Greece, with its roots in ancient times. Mother nature was impersonated in the Goddess Dimitra. Dimitra lost her daughter Persephone who remained in Hades – the underworld – so the story goes. But every spring Persephone could return to her mother, who was so happy every time […]

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