Artichokes with fresh lemons

This is one of my favourite meals! There are modern recipes with artichokes, but this is a very traditional one. My mother taught me how to make it. Vegan recipe This dish is part of the many vegan recipes the Greeks have. Did you know that according to Orthodox tradition the Greek people eat vegan […]

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Greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts

Photographer: Annette Spaan Whether you eat it for breakfast, lunch or dessert, Greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts is a real treat! Take your cutest bowls out of your cupboard and fill them with Greek yoghurt. Break a handful of walnuts over it… …and drizzle as much honey as you like on top…. Enjoy!! Teaspoon […]

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Katerina’s Farm

Author and photographer: Annette Spaan Dutch Travel Journalist Annette Spaan spent months at the Odyssey and wrote this blog about her experiences. If you are wondering where Katerina gets such wonderful fresh ingredients, you need to look no further than her olive farm on the Peloponnese mainland. Here she and her husband grow their own […]

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