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Orange cake with yoghurt topping Poros

Orange Cake with Yoghurt Topping

For the last few months we have had to stay at home. This new situation has allowed us to think and do things that we would usually have postponed. We...

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Marinated olives with feta

Marinated Olives With Feta

The olive tree is a tree with lots of symbolism attached to it: Peace, wisdom, fertility, prosperity, immortality and success. In a way it’s a miracle tree. What would the...

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Greek fried lamb chops

Fried Lamb Chops

Usually on Easter Sunday the Greeks prepare lamb on the spit as the highlight of our Easter celebration. This year however it is not going to be like that. For...

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Fried zucchini with tzatziki

Fried Zucchini with Tzatziki

There are a few Greek recipes that all people love. Usually those recipes are very simple and require simple ingredients that are easy to find and not expensive. The ingredients...

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Odyssey picnics on Poros

Odyssey Picnics on Poros

This year Odyssey celebrates 25 years of laughter and happiness, hard work and joy, hugs and kisses, as a happy and busy family. During all those years we have had the luck to meet wonderful guests and get to know nice and interesting people. We loved doing things with them, like organise parties, heavenly dinners, […]

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Greece: Poros-town on the island of Poros

Katerina’s Top 5 Things To Do On Poros

One of my friends recently called me from America and told me about her dream, in which she was back on Poros. When she woke up she could not remember much, but having ‘been’ on Poros made her day and made her smile the entire time. I realized how powerful memories of our holidays are […]

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Odyssey Poros Greece

Odyssey in times of Corona

In a short time all of our lives have been turned upside down because of Corona virus. Our daily programmes have dramatically changed; we are trying to cope with this new reality and nobody can tell what the near future is going to bring. Every day we hear something new that we did not think […]

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Greek food blog Katerina's Kouzina celebrates

5 Years of Katerina’s Kouzina!

This month 5 years ago I started my Greek food blog “Katerina’s Kouzina”. I can’t believe we have been ‘cooking together’ and sharing stories about Greece for 5 years already! I have enjoyed every minute of Katerina’s Kouzina and sharing with you what I love so dearly: Greece and Greek cooking. I hope you have […]

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