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Spinach soup for Christmas

The Little Christmas Car Story

We all have Christmas decorations. I keep mine year after year, but every Christmas I also buy a couple of new ones. So, you can imagine that I have quite...

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Beetroot and almond dip

Christmas Beetroot and Almond Dip

After my wild dream about feta snow, I am going to tell you about one of my favourite vegetables for Christmas, the beetroot, and the almonds from the volcanic peninsula...

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Feta ice cream

Feta Ice Cream

I am currently writing Christmas recipes for you all to enjoy this upcoming holiday season. Greece is in another lockdown for weeks to come, so I have enough time to...

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Greek Spanakorizo


Growing up I remember that my mother, the best cook in the entire world, was cooking different recipes almost every day. She prepared all the traditional Greek recipes that she...

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Odyssey Poros Greece

Odyssey in times of Corona part 2

Right now the summer season of 2020 is ending. A summer that I have never experienced before and hopefully will never experience again. Basically nothing went as planned, or expected, at the beginning of the year. I would like to share what happened; how Corona has affected the Odyssey and why it has been more […]

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Greek goats

The goats of Poros

According to a recent study conducted by the European Union’s statistics authority Eurostat, Greece is the clear EU champion — in regard to the number of goats, that is. More specifically, according to the European Union’s Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries report of 2019, Greece comes first in the entire Union, having approximately 3,625,000 goats living […]

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Odyssey picnics on Poros

Odyssey Picnics on Poros

This year Odyssey celebrates 25 years of laughter and happiness, hard work and joy, hugs and kisses, as a happy and busy family. During all those years we have had the luck to meet wonderful guests and get to know nice and interesting people. We loved doing things with them, like organise parties, heavenly dinners, […]

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Greece: Poros-town on the island of Poros

Katerina’s Top 5 Things To Do On Poros

One of my friends recently called me from America and told me about her dream, in which she was back on Poros. When she woke up she could not remember much, but having ‘been’ on Poros made her day and made her smile the entire time. I realized how powerful memories of our holidays are […]

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