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Dora’s top 10 beaches on Poros

Dora’s top 10 beaches on Poros

I am very excited to introduce you to my daughter Dora on today’s blog! She partly grew up on Poros, is now 24 years old and today runs Odyssey Bistro and organizes all the weddings and parties. I am so proud of her. Dora will share with you her top 10 beaches on Poros!


Before you read my top 10 beaches of Poros, please note that it was very hard to make this list, because Poros has so many lovely beaches and I like all of them. One of my favorite things about Poros is that there is a beach for every occasion and mood.

Top 10 beaches on Poros

10. Mikro Neorio

Mikro Neorio is a tiny little bay with a little bar. This beach holds special memories since my grandmother used to take me there for a swim whenever she had time. I can clearly remember building some magnificent sand castles there! Even if I was only 5…

9. Kanali beach (Askeli)

This beach has sand forever! The further you go into the sea the shallower it gets. Kanali Beach has 2 amazing restaurants: Captains Beach Bar and Kanali Beach Bar & Restaurant. I recommend both!

8. Anasa beach (Megalo Neorio)

Beach bar Anasa Café has only been on this beach for a couple of years, but the owners have created and immense cool atmosphere by using Persian rugs and renting out shisha pipes.

7. Sirene Blue Resort (Askeli village)

When asked nicely, the luxurious Sirene Blue Resort allows you to stay at it’s beach and pool area if you order something. Their bar is open to everybody and has the most amazing view on the coastline of the Monastery Beach.

6. Monastery Beach (Monastery)

According to some this beach has the cleanest water in Poros (it definitely has the coldest).

Fun fact: It is said that the monastery has a secret and hidden underwater tunnel to an uninhabited island (Bourtzi).

5. Love Bay (Neorio area)

Love Bay is one of the most, if not the most popular beach on Poros island, and it’s easy to understand why. Love Bay is one of the smaller beaches and situated in a beautiful bay that is surrounded by pine trees. All together this creates a very cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

What most people don’t know is how Love Bay got its name. It’s a very sad and tragic love story that my mother used to tell me every time we drove past Love Bay when I was little:

A boy and girl fell in love, but their families did not like each other and forbade them to be together. So they would sneak around and secretly meet at Love Bay. Their parents found out and were furious, so they decided to elope. They took a boat from Love Bay and sailed off to get married, but sadly enough they both drowned. Love Bay is the last place remembering them and their love. They say if you fall in love at Love Bay, it will last forever.

Fun fact: Every Sunday in high season they have beach parties. The owners are certified divers and at one point used to teach diving on Poros. Sadly due to new regulations this became very hard to do.

4. Russian Bay (Neorio area)

Russian Bay holds the ruins of an old Russian naval station from 1820 and is an absolute must see in my opinion. Located directly opposite Russian Bay and within swimming / snorkeling distance is Teachers Island (Daskalio). This tiny island with a church on it is also called the island of love, as the island is heart shaped.

When I was in my preteens (not too long ago), Russian Bay was used as a background for theatre plays. One of my fondest memories is going to one of these open air plays with my parents.

Fun fact: Café Russian Bay is open all year round for coffees, breakfast and lunch.

3. Vayonia Bay

Vayonia Bay is located at the back of Poros island. I don’t know a better way to describe it than that it gives you the feeling of being on a deserted island with a beach-bar on it. It is a very beautiful and picturesque bay with a calming atmosphere. It is almost as if time stands still there. Unfortunately Vayonia Bay is closed at the moment because of excavations.

Fun fact: Hundreds of years ago Vayonia Bay used to be the main port of Poros. If you go snorkeling you can see the sunken port under the water.

Not so fun fact: beware of the wasps – I was stung on my tongue a couple of years ago.

2. Askeli beach (Askeli village)

Askeli beach is only a 2 minute walk from Odyssey. Being so close to Odyssey it was the beach where I would spend most of my summers, and where my mother always took time from her busy schedule to go sailing with me.

Askeli beach is one of the largest beaches of Poros and also one of the sandiest. It’s a beach for relaxation and recreation, with it’s many different sunbeds from different bars where you can enjoy lovely drinks and snacks. Askeli Beach is also very family-friendly.

Fun fact: Right opposite Odyssey and on the water is a water sports center where you can learn how to water ski, go parasailing or maybe go on the tubes!!

1. Panagitsa (Askeli village)

Panagitsa is maybe not an official beach, but it’s my personal favorite. The beach is located in Askeli within walking distance of Odyssey and the Askeli beach. Panagitsa beach is named after the little church on its premises.

It is a very rocky beach with hardly any sand on it and you definitely need a pair of those unflattering water shoes to get in, so why is it my favorite? Because it is absolutely perfect for snorkeling! With the surroundings of the rocky mountains you can find the most beautiful fish, corals and octopi. If you snorkel and swim far enough you will encounter a tiny little private pebble beach!

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Sue Kronsberg - 2018/07/29 at 11:54

I loved reading (and remembering) these beaches. Great job Dora!

Dora - 2018/08/01 at 10:58

Thank you so much, it was very difficult making a list because all the beaches on Poros are so lovely and each has their own atmosphere. As I said a beach for every mood and occasion.

Sherry Kelaidis - 2018/07/29 at 12:31

Loved the list, and all the special tidbits of information, which only a local could know. I will be trying some new beaches, and certainly with my snorkel gear! Thank You, Dora

Dora - 2018/08/01 at 11:03

Thank you! It was so much fun to tell my side of the story of each beach. And I am so so happy it will make you try a new beach. Have fun snorkelling ??

Alie - 2018/07/29 at 13:02

Very beatiful beaches! We have seen som of them!!

Dora - 2018/08/01 at 11:06

Nice !!! I am glad you have seen some beaches of Poros. Have fun exploring more of them!

diane - 2018/07/30 at 19:28

What lovely beaches! We are plan to stay in Poros next month, is there a bus that can take you to all these beaches? We are staying at 7 Brothers

Dora - 2018/08/01 at 11:08

How nice that you are coming to our beautiful Poros. 7 brothers is a beautiful hotel in Poros town. There should be a bus that you can take to the Askeli area. For the Neorio area, they are talking about organising a second bus line but it has not yet begun. You can of course take a taxi or maybe even rent a moped or bicycle. Enjoy your time on Poros!

WINNIE - 2018/10/03 at 12:28

Dear Dora – Thank you for suggesting this lovely beaches – I am coming to Poros 9th of October – staying at Helen Hotel – so I will look for some of the beaches. Winnie (Denmark)

Montse - 2019/04/20 at 08:28

Thank you Dora for your suggestions.!

Lena - 2021/07/19 at 13:43

Dear Dora,
Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful and personal guide in Poros. We are sailing around the island right now and I am so happy that I found your article.

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