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Sea kayaking fun at Odyssey

Sea kayaking fun at Odyssey

My blog would not be complete without discussing the Odyssey’s sea kayaking adventure holidays. I have therefore asked my very good friend, business associate and kayak instructor Brian Gibbons to make a contribution.

I have known Brian since 2005 when we started working together, he is now part of my big Greek extended family. Brian is Scottish (we will excuse him as it’s not his fault) and he lives in a beautiful place on the West coast of Scotland. I have visited him many times with my husband Rik, during which we have sampled the delights of Brian’s cooking (yes, he can also cook!).

It took me about 5 years to eventually understand what Brian was saying with his weird Scottish accent. Even though I have (Greek) English I have become the Odyssey’s official Scottish (English) to English translator for Odyssey guest’s as they have no idea what Brian is saying, but this adds to the fun.

A couple of years ago I had a group of Dutch ladies staying at Odyssey and Brian was taking them sea kayaking. For safety reasons Brian only takes 6 people at a time but in his Scottish accent six sounds like “sex” – so when he was organizing groups for “sex for kayaking” needless to say there were more ladies who became interested – over to Brian now...

Thanks for that Katerina, all I can say is “I love you too but it’s all Greek to me.”

Sea kayaking activities

We started providing sea kayaking activities at Odyssey Centre in 2006. Over the past 8 years we have had around 400 people from all over the world participating, it’s not surprising. Sea kayaking in the beautiful clear and warm Mediterranean waters around Poros offers a very unique adventure. Being so close to the water moving almost silently as you manoeuvre your kayak along the coast passing many coves is magical. There is no other activity that provides you with the flexibility and freedom to hop ashore almost anywhere to explore the coastline and beaches, have a swim, snorkel and have some close encounters with wildlife. Sea kayaking is truly a unique and safe activity.

Suitable for all levels

Our sea kayaking opportunities at Odyssey are suitable for all levels of experience and the emphasis is on fun and adventure and generally soaking up the healthy outdoor atmosphere. For those interested in any skill development and certified courses these can easily be incorporated into the daily activities. We also provide special unique opportunities to participate in sunrise and sunset paddles, these trips are truly magical experiences.

Warm hospitality

On top of this there is the warm hospitality the Greeks (and Scottish) are renowned for and you’ll also get to stay in some fantastic Greek accommodation at Odyssey Centre, located 50 meters from the beach, sampling some of the region’s best traditional cooking direct from my friend Katerina’s kitchen.

I hope to see you at The Odyssey and explore the Mediterranean waters around Poros together!


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