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The Goat of Methana

The Goat of Methana

Being given the opportunity to show your talent and turn traditional recipes into gourmet dishes is a challenge!!

Goat is a characteristic animal of our region that can survive in our rough mountains with great adaptive abilities, and that is why the race in the mountains of Methana was dedicated to this precious animal in terms of sport and gastronomy.

There are many dishes of the Greek traditional kitchen that are "snubbed" for many different reasons and goat is one of them.

So when I was asked to prepare a buffet for 300 people at Methana sports event based on local recipes with goat, I was thrilled, filled the kitchen with pots and started warming up wearing, an apron instead of a tracksuit. Each in his own way.

In order to reach the final result, a 3-month period of experimentation, anxiety, tests and changes preceded, and always based on the goat!

How long should the goat be boiled? Goat pate on a nut? Softer? More spicy? Pasta with goat in nests? Maybe better in tartlets? Who threw the pate? We need to try!!!

Rick can you taste it please?

Kataifi with goat? How small the bites? Burned the kataifi!! Start all over! More lemon in the sauce!

Rick can you taste it please?

Should we clean pomegranates or sprinkle with pine nuts?

Oregano from Methana! Freshly ground pepper! Bring parsley and dill from the garden.

Out of pomegranates??? We picked them all up!

Photos for the brochure. Closer. More obliquely. Upside down?

I'll bring grandma's tray. No! Better a cutting board. Maybe on the carpet? On the stairs? Let's bring the table from the living room!!

Who's hungry? Goat soup with Traheia nut.Pasta with goat. What do you mean you eat goat the whole week ???

Let's try the speech once more!!

And the big day arrives. The car loaded with tapers, pans, plates, compositions of olive branches and rosemary. My beloved Rick at the wheel and somewhere underneath all, knee, full of anxiety!

Will we make it on time? How will we set up? Will they like it? I’ve got the speech about the role of the goat in the history of gastronomy.

I had more anxiety than the athletes in the mountains of Methana.

Cheerful ship bells sound everywhere. The organising is perfect and the willing volunteers are many and very helpful. The participants are even more!!

Plates and tables are set in no time, decorated colorfully with pomegranates, walnuts and pine nuts, olive and lemon leaves, rosemary and freshly cut oregano they become an object of admiration and a backdrop for selfies before being delivered to the palates.

But somehow food has to get out of the kitchen throughof the crowd that has overwhelmed the area around Methanion and because as they say "when life gives you lemons make lemonade" the exit turned into a spectacular parade show!

Cameras, flash, exclamations of admiration, and impatient hands!

3 months worth of work was gone in 30 minutes and replaced with rave reviews!

The Greek tradition proved that it can compete with the best gourmet dishes!

So maybe it's time you also try the Greek recipes that raised God's father Zeus!

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