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A feta Christmas story

A Little Christmas Story

‘Twas the night before Christmas…. …and it had snowed so hard you had to get your snow boots on to go anywhere… Reindeers danced through the forests, excited about the upcoming Christmas… …Of course Santa was very busy flying all over the world to deliver his gifts on time… Sometimes Santa wished he could take a […]

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Greek Easter in times of Corona

A few years ago my friends and I were making plans for them to return to Poros. I suggested they come for the Greek Easter celebration in 2021. I explained that I thought it would be the nicest Easter ever, because it would be late in the season (May 2nd) and therefore almost Summer, so we could dance and have fun on […]

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Odyssey Poros Greece

Odyssey in times of Corona

In a short time all of our lives have been turned upside down because of Corona virus. Our daily programmes have dramatically changed; we are trying to cope with this new reality and nobody can tell what the near future is going to bring. Every day we hear something new that we did not think […]

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Greek food blog Katerina's Kouzina celebrates

5 Years of Katerina’s Kouzina!

This month 5 years ago I started my Greek food blog “Katerina’s Kouzina”. I can’t believe we have been ‘cooking together’ and sharing stories about Greece for 5 years already! I have enjoyed every minute of Katerina’s Kouzina and sharing with you what I love so dearly: Greece and Greek cooking. I hope you have […]

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Door in Poros-town Greece

Katerina’s favourite doors of Poros-town

Our lives on Poros are simple: We love our island and we are proud to live here! Our small village called Poros-town is nestled on a hill, affording views glimpsed between walls and narrow paths. When you walk around, you find small churches and whitewashed stairs everywhere you go. One of the things I love […]

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Top 5 things to do on Poros bike ride around the island Greece

Dora’s Top 5 Things To Do On Poros

On today’s blog I would like to share with you my Top 5 things to do on Poros! I want you to know that there are endless possibilities, so please take it light heartedly, especially the people who have already travelled to Poros, and haven’t seen their favourites pass by. I actually would like to […]

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Yoga holiday on Poros Greece Odyssey

Soulfood Yoga Holiday On The Greek Island Of Poros

Photographers: Toni Brown, Bronwyn May, Annette Spaan. Scroll down or click here for the Dutch version   Soulfood Yoga Holiday On The Greek Island Of Poros Yoga and a glass of wine, it’s possible! Just as love at first sight is possible. And that is how working with Odyssey feels for me. I am Suus […]

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A kiwi lands on Poros for Greek Easter

Two weeks ago we celebrated Greek Easter with Al Johnson, Elisabeth Bitros and Ingrid Von Bentheim who all won a free stay at Odyssey, and many other wonderful guests. First prize winner Al Johnson has written a wonderful story about his experience. Here it is! Thank you Al!   A kiwi lands on Poros for […]

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