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Broccoli Soup

Hello everyone, every year we do a small christmas blog and here we are with our suggestions for this christmas. The coming weeks we will be posting our ideas, for a starter, main, desert and even a cocktail to celebrate christmas. When we were brainstorming ideas it just felt right to start with a soup. Some of you may know that I am a soup girly, and that I could simply live off soup.

For the story of this recipe we have to go back a couple of years, actually more likely a lot of years when being fair. We have to go back to the time that I was a child, where I had a phase where I wouldn't eat anything green. Absolutely nothing, no lettuce, no spinach, no broccoli, and also no green peppers. With yellow and red peppers I had no problem.

My mom tested me non stop on this silly green allergy as she called it. Once she even blind folded me and made me taste all 3 color peppers to see if I could keep them apart, which I could not unfortunately.

There was one big exception to my green allergy, and that was when she made soups. I would eat any soup, no matter what color it had. I just loved soups. One of my favorites was her broccoli soup.

This recipe is so simple yet so delicious, and I think it is a great starter to begin our christmas blogs with.


Even a fantastic soup needs a little side dish, and what is nicer than fresh homemade warm pita bread to serve with your soup.

Fun fact, did you know that pita bread was invented in the middle east (also known as ancient greece ) and that it is known to be the oldest type of bread as it has been existing for around 4,000 years now. The name “pita” simply means “flatbread” and Greeks were the first people to use that term.

Now for people that know us or really any Greeks, they know that we cook with the "mati", the eye, we don't have exact recipes, we learn by doing, looking and tasting. This method is called “me to mati” - “by the eye”.

For this recipe I will give you basic instructions and I would like you to give it a try by using the “by the eye” approach. I promise this is so easy, it almost can’t go wrong, and if it does we learn from it and try again. That's life.


Last but not least as a tiny but delicious addition to combine with the broccoli soup and the pita bread, I want to share with you my favorite dip. A dip I make when I am a bit lazy and which is made of ingredients that I always have at home. Just add all of the ingredients together in a blender and voila.

Actually every time I prepare this dip in the blender, it turns out a little bit different. The reason for that is because I always add new things, or forget things… oops. Maybe there are some sun dried tomatoes in the house and I will add them, or maybe some olives, or even chilly flakes, anything goes. It's even more delicious when eaten with the still warm homemade pita bread.

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Broccoli Soup


1 onion
1 leek
1 clove(s) of garlic
1 broccoli
700 g to a 1L vegetable stock
handful of spinach ( this is optional but it gives it a great little kick of flavor and a fantastic dark green color
5-6 tablespoon(s) olive oil
Heavy cream
Vegan option needs potato


Saute the onion, the leek and the garlic, when ready add broccoli and add stock until it boils over. Then you mix everything with a staff mixer -sif through chinouse - add heavy cream, salt and pepper to your taste and let it boil over once more. Once your satisfied with the taste you let it boil a little bit more. When ready you serve the broccoli soup on a deep plate.

TIP: for decor you can add olive oil and a little bit of cream.

Pita Bread


greek yogurt
self rising flour
olive oil


We mix the Greek yogurt with the self-rising flour until we create a nice thick dough. Then we add a little olive oil, oregano and a little salt. The following step is to take a small piece of your dough and create a little flat circle. In the meantime, warm up a pan and add a little olive oil. Now you put your flat circle, in other words your flat pita in the pan and bake it till golden brown. Don’t forget to flip it of course. Don't hesitate to use my approach of tasting a little bit, and when you think something is missing on the taste, add a little bit of salt and/or oregano.

Whipped Feta


200 gr feta
50 gr greek yoghurt
olive oil
lemon zest


Add all ingredients in a mixer and mix till you have a nice and smooth paste - you can add more yogurt or even a little heavy cream to get a fuller and fluffier taste.

Servings : 4 people
Ready in : 50 Minutes
Recipe Type : Christmas

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