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Tortellini stuffed with whipped feta sauteed in browned butter walnuts and garlic

There are some memories that are so strong that when you close your eyes you can transport yourself to that moment, you can actually see the view, smell the smells and feel the wind. One of such memories for me is making pasta and eating pasta with my papou.

My papou made the nicest pasta in the world, or maybe for me it was the nicest pasta. Simple fresh pasta which he made from local flour, with his own eggs from his own chickens. He'd saute everything in fresh olive oil, garlic and add some goat cheese or when I was lucky some fresh goats milk. He would make this pasta all year round, but it was the most special with christmas, the christmas table would be filled with 100 dishes but the pasta from papous would be my favorite.

The smell and taste of this pasta always takes me back and makes me happy. Papou was an amazing cook, an amazing and creative inventor (more about that another time) and the best grandfather.

I have slightly changed the original recipe by making tortellini from the pasta, but the base is still the same. I like to use whatever is left and make a nice filling but since we are already making whipped feta we can use that as our filling.

I hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as I do and maybe it can bring a little of my happiness and joy from my family to yours !

Side note: a special thank you to JIP the cat who helped model for these pictures.

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Tortellini stuffed with whipped feta sauteed in browned butter walnuts and garlic


400 gram soft wheat flour, type 00 (or 2 cups flour)
3 whole eggs
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp fine salt
1 tbsp water (unless additional required)
leftover whipped feta or any other filling you would like.
2 tbsp of butter
3 garlic cloves
100 gr walnuts
sage optional


It’s important that all the ingredients for the dough have a normal room temperature, as to homogenize well and quickly without extra effort on your part, resulting in a soft and uniform dough. Avoid using eggs that just have been taken out of the refrigerator.

Sift the flour, creating a conical stack in the workspace. Create with your hands a small pit in the center off the stack, in which you add the eggs, oil, and salt.

Beat with a fork all the ingredients you just added to the pit. Then add a little bit of flour on the inside of the “walls”. By circularly moving a fork alongside the inside edges of the pit, you pour more and more flour into the center, forming a thicker dough.

Using both hands begin to add the flour from the outer walls, spreading it evenly across the mixture, working from the outside inwards, and taking care not to spill any from the fluid contents. Add the remaining flour to the dough, making a smooth, even mixture, always using both hands.

When the dough is smooth and compact, form a ball, wrap it with plastic foil and let it rest in a cool place for an hour.

Roll sheets out of the dough and cut them into thick strips, add the filling on the one side and fold the pasta over and close by pressing down with a fork or a pasta cutter.

Boil the pasta for 6 minutes

Sautee in a pan even parts olive oil and even parts butter, with garlic and walnuts once the butter has a nice golden brown color and the aromas of garlic and walnuts are coming through add in your boiled tortellini and saute for 1-2 min.

Servings : 6 people
Ready in : 100 Minutes
Recipe Type : Christmas

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