Christmas feta balls with pomegranate seeds

You might be thinking: “Come on Katerina, we have done our Christmas shopping already!” But this recipe can easily be squeezed into your menu: Christmas feta balls with pomegranate seeds. It’s simple, easy and delicious! This recipe not only has an enchanting appearance, it also tastes exquisite. The combination of the sweet and juicy fruit with the creamy saltiness of the cheeses is a sensation!

Winter fruit

When I was searching for a Christmas recipe I had the pomegranate in mind, the favorite winter fruit in Greece. It is typical for our festive December days with its beautiful ruby colors reflecting the holiday candlelights.

It is also this fruit that has those annoying pits, bringing you down to earth again when you are unfortunate enough to bite into one. If the pomegranate did not have these pits, I am pretty sure that I would be eating nothing else the whole winter. Let’s not forget that they are a super food after all. They are a pain to open and clean, but still!

Ouzo with pomegranates

Next to this meze, I have a new fun idea for using my favorite winter fruit this Christmas: I put the pomegranate seeds into the ouzo! The fruit does not change the flavor of the traditional Greek drink, but it makes the ouzo look festive, happy and Christmassy!

Christmas drink ouzo with pomegranates

The ouzo with pomegranates is a perfect combination with the feta balls, but you can of course also choose a lovely glass of wine. Maybe a nice red variety from Nemea (if you happen to have it at home), otherwise any red wine that you have in your wine cellar is good!! Next to eating this meze with a drink, it’s great to serve the Christmas feta balls with pomegranate seeds on a cheese platter.

Making Christmas feta balls with pomegranate seeds

Let’s start with gathering the ingredients: feta, goat cheese, Greek yoghurt, rosemary and a pomegranate!

Ingredients for the Christmas feta balls with pomegranate seeds

Cut the pomegranate in half and remove the seeds.

Gathering the pomegranates

My pomegranate turned out to hide a Christmas tree!


Mix the cheeses, Greek yoghurt, rosemary and pepper.

Pomegranate seeds and cheese mixture

Form balls of the cheese mixture with the help of two spoons. Roll the feta balls in the seeds, pressing them down softly so the seeds stick in the feta balls.

Making feta balls with pomegranate seeds

Don’t the feta balls with pomegranate seeds look wonderful!!

Christmas feta balls with pomegranate seeds

Prepare the ouzo…

Ouzo with pomegranates

….and serve the Christmas feta balls with pomegranate seeds on a beautiful plate!

Feta balls with pomegranate

Me, my husband Rik, daughter Dora and the whole Odyssey family wish you a Merry Christmas!!!



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