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Greek Salad

There are some words and some names, that when you mention them immediately a picture comes to mind. The Greek Salad is one of them. I am 100% sure that there is not one person that has visited Greece and did not taste the Greek Salad. It’s one of the most famous salads in the world, which is the signature of Greek culinary tradition and ingredients.

Countryside salad

It’s a big thing to call a salad a Greek Salad, but in Greek the translation is very humble and easy. We call it ΧΩΡΙΑΤΙΚΗ ΣΑΛΑΤΑ, a salad from the countryside or a salad from the village. I would even translate it as a salad for the poor people.

Before the Greek Salad became famous, it was a salad from the countryside that was made in the villages. For the people it was so easy to prepare, they would just throw in everything they had. This is the reason that you will find different variations of it, depending on the area you will visit and of course the season. For example in Spring you will find lettuce on the Greek Salad, on the islands they add capers and in a village near Tripoli boiled eggs.

Basic ingredients

The basic ingredients for Greek Salad are tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, onion, feta and olive oil. We hope you enjoy making it at home and that the salad gives you that happy, summery, Greek feeling!

Ingredients for the Greek Salad Odyssey Poros Greece

Making Greek Salad

You start making the salad by slicing all the vegetables. Put them in a large flat salad dish or plate together with the Kalamata olives. Lay a slice of feta on top and drizzle with olive oil. Alternatively, the feta can be cubed or crumbled. For the finishing touch: Sprinkle with oregano or thyme and salt and pepper!!

Katerina preparing a Greek Salad Odyssey Poros Greece

Making a Greek Salad Odyssey Poros Greece

Some salt on the Greek Salad Odyssey Poros Greece

Greek Salad Odyssey Poros Greece

It’s nice to drink a lovely white wine with your Greek Salad!

Greek Salad on the summer table Odyssey Poros Greece

Greek Salad on a plate Odyssey Poros Greece

I love to dip my bread in the olive oil…

Dipping bread in the olive oil Odyssey Poros Greece

The famous Greek Salad Odyssey Poros Greece
Photography: Annette Spaan

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