My Greek twist to Mille-Feuille

Today’s dessert recipe is my Greek version of the mille-feuille! The origin of this dessert is actually a bit of a mystery. Some say it was invented in France, while others claim it came from Naples, Italy. I wonder what my French and Italian friends have to say about it.

I actually don’t dare to call this recipe mille-feuille, instead I prefer the name ‘Layers of Delight’. Let me tell you why…

A thousand layers

I thought the word mille-feuille meant very hard work, working for a long time or having a backache. You see, when I made mille-feuille at school it would take so much time and effort. Traditionally the puff pastry is made by hand, using pounds of butter and lots of arm strength to continuously fold and re-fold the dough to create the many layers.

The reality is that ‘mille-feuille’ translates to ‘a thousand leaves’. It refers to the 1000 layers of the puff pastry, or the 1000 times you have to fold the pasty to get enough air in it to form the 1000 layers!!

Cheating on the dough

Nowadays I don’t have time to make this perfect dough, so I cheat by getting good quality frozen puff pastry. The only part of this recipe that takes effort is making the pastry cream (crème pâtissière), to ensure it comes out smooth and velvety. Other than that, making my Greek mille-feuille is very simple. This is the reason that I cannot call it by its real name!

Because mille-feuille is hard to cut through, I cut the puff pastry into individual portions and then assemble it, in that way you can serve it right up. I make them small so that I can eat more. Clever or not?

Making my Greek Mille-Feuille

The recipe for mille-feuille starts by making the tasty crème pâtissière! Does is not look delicious?


Don’t forget to pierce the puff pastry entirely before baking, to keep it from puffing like mad!


The pastry looks wonderful coming out of the oven!


Add a generous amount of crème pâtissière to the pastry and a piece of pastry on top of that.


Dust with icing sugar and you are ready to serve your Greek style mille-feuille!


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