Greek lamb with dill in the oven

Lamb with dill in the oven

During the creation of the blog about lamb with dill in the oven, I talked to my very good friend and kayak instructor Brian Gibbons. It turned out he had such a funny story to tell about Greek lamb, that I have to share it with you! Please give it up for Brian!

Why does the lamb in Greece taste so good?

Have you ever wondered why the lamb in Greece tastes so good? Well, at Odyssey we have our own theory. A long long time ago in a place far far away there was a little girl called Evangelia. She grew up into a beautiful young woman and came to work at Odyssey.

Odyssey Poros Greece

Late one evening two kayaking guests staying at Odyssey, who shall remain anonymous but let’s call them Simon and Adam, returned from Poros town after a night out. Before they went to bed they decided to have a drink and were served by Evangelia.

“Hi guys, did you have a nice night in Poros town?”
“Yes we did, we had a beautiful lamb dinner.”
“Do you know why the lamb in Greece tastes so good?” Evangelia asked.
“No we don’t, please tell us we’d love to know!”
“Well boys, I would be delighted to tell you. When the lambs are growing up in the mountains they are always very happy and would dance all day in the sun. I used to go and dance with the lambs because I love lamb dancing.”

The boys were confused because due to her accent they thought Evangelia had said ‘lamp dancing’. Evangelia saw their confusion and said: “Is my English wrong? I really loved lap dancing when I was a young girl.” Trying to contain their amusement, Simon and Adam answered: “By a strange coincidence Evangelia we also love lap dancing.” Delighted she said: “So we can all go to the mountains one day and I can lap dance with you and you will see why the lamps are so happy and why in Greece lamb tastes so good.”

Thank you Brian! I hope you all enjoyed this story as much I did!

Lamb with dill in the oven

This lamb recipe is easy, straight forward and very very tasty! A similar recipe comes from the island of Sifnos where it is made with red wine in a special pottery. Actually this type of pot they only make for this specific dish, which is called mastelo. They put the dish for many hours – sometimes even overnight – in a traditional wood oven. Here is a simple and very tasty version of this recipe!

Start by putting the lamb in a pot and sprinkle it with dill, salt and pepper. With your hands lightly rub in the spices on the outside of the meat. Fill a deep bowl with the mix of oil, salt, pepper and wine and mix it very well with a blender. Poor the mixture over the meat, close the pot and put in the oven on moderate heat, approximately 180 C degrees.

Preparing the lamb for the oven

Leave the lamb in the oven until well cooked, which takes more or less two hours. Once it is cooked well, turn off the oven and keep the lamb inside for as much time as possible.

Greek lamb with dill in the oven

My suggestion is to serve the lamb with a fresh salad and possibly homemade pasta!


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