Leek pie with homemade filo

Leek Pie with Homemade Filo – Prassopita

I love leeks and I use them in a lot of different recipes, traditional and not traditional. In Greece we mainly eat leek during the Winter and early Spring and consider it a Winter vegetable. Having just left the Winter behind us and slowly entering Spring, I am just in time to share this recipe of the traditional Greek Leek Pie with Homemade Filo!

Seasonal cooking

You all know that I love cooking with the seasons. In reality, up to a few years ago in Greece, you could not find vegetables that were not in season. The Winters here aren’t very cold, but when in the autumn the weather gets a bit less sunny and a bit colder, we change our Summer recipes for dishes with Winter ingredients.

Wood oven

There is nothing nicer in the house during the Winter than the smell of a fresh homemade pie that has just come out of the oven. I happen to have the nicest oven in my house; It’s like a wood-fired AGA that warms the house and (this is just perfect for me) cooks as well. A real AGA is old and traditional and has a small oven and also a cooking area on the top. My mother used to have one when we were little and she would use it for her cooking adventures; really lovely.

Greek Leek Pie Prassopita

Leek pie

A few years ago, I bought one just like hers and now I am experimenting with it and just love it. The last weeks we had a few cold days here in Greece, and we used it to warm the house. Dora came by and we made this leek pie in the wood oven; the result was so much better than we expected and worth every moment that we spend in the kitchen.

Katerina and Dora

Homemade filo

A lot of people buy ready-made filo, including me sometimes, but when I have the time and the energy to make the filo myself and when I eat it warm, it is like a present from God. So, I made my own filo for this recipe and it was so nice and worthwhile! What a precious moment of happiness around the fire on a Winter day. I think you should try this leek pie, you will love it. If you find it too difficult to make the filo you can of course buy ready-made instead, but do try to make it at least once!

You can serve the leek pie with salad, fresh bread and a lovely glass of white wine. Enjoy!

Dora making Leek Pie

Greek cooking Odyssey

Cooking at Odyssey Poros

Greek Leek Pie

Leek Pie Greek lunch

Photos: George Gkionis

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