Refreshing lemon and mint drink

The lemon is the key ingredient of the Greek kitchen, but on Poros we have an extra special bond with it. This is because of the lemon grove just across on the Peloponnese, the Lemonodasos. Although it is situated on the Peloponnese, it’s officially part of Poros.


The trees in the lemon grove used to be called the golden trees, because they once gave great wealth. When it became cheaper to import lemons from other countries, the Lemonodasos fell into decay. It is still a magical place I like to visit every now and then. Writer Kosmas Politis wrote a novel about it, called Lemonodasos, a book that is famous all over Greece.

Lemons are healthy

No garden on Poros is without a lemon tree. It symbolizes health. Lemons are full of vitamin B, C and anti-oxidants. I remember my aunt Maria always having the most beautiful, clean, white hands; her secret was half a lemon next to her sink. After she washed her hands, she always rubbed them into the lemon for antibacterial purpose.

This recipe is all about lemon and its refreshing cleansing power. If you can’t pick some from your own garden, get some beautiful lemons from your local market together with a bunch of mint.

Use one of your loveliest jars and fill it with cold mineral water. Slice the lemon and place in the water.  


Take as much mint leaves as you like and add them. Stir a bit and leave it like this for at least five minutes….the longer the better. 


The lemonade looks and smells delicious. Start pouring!



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