New years Cocktail

New years Cocktail

Happy new year everyone!

New years traditions are my favorite. They are different all over the world, for instance in the Netherlands they like to take an ice cold swim in the northern sea as a good luck and health charm, here in Greece we like to eat, dance and drink!! But one thing that is the same in almost every country is that for  new years we always Cheers with a glass of champagne! To make a little change to  the drink and to keep in tune with our previous blogs and the season our cocktail is going to have pomegranate in it!

Why do we use so much pomegranate, you might ask? Well it’s a super fruit, it is the symbol of life and fertility but the best explanation is that it is in season. We have our own pomegranate trees, meaning we have our own pomegranates, meaning if you cook anything, I mean anything at all, you will find a Katerina over your shoulder saying: hmm, I think some pomegranate would go nice with this, oh look I happen to have one here with me! 

For those of you who know my mother, know that this is how she works, whatever is in season and we happen to have, will appear in all the coming dishes for as long as it is in season. It is very fashionable at the moment to cook with seasonal produce, but I like calling this, “Cooking the Katerina way”.


I wish you all a joyful end of 2022 and a perfect begin of 2023. Happy New Year!!!!


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