Odyssey Christmas breakfast Yoghurt with Greek granola Christmas recipes

Odyssey Christmas Breakfast: Yoghurt With Greek Granola

Everyone who has been to the Odyssey will surely remember our breakfast. I think you can easily say that it’s the Happy hour at Odyssey. So, especially for Christmas, we have created the Odyssey Christmas Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with Greek granola and pomegranate seeds. In addition to that we would like to play Santa Claus this year: Two of the people that share this blog on social media will win a bottle of Odyssey extra virgin olive oil!!

Katerina's Christmas gift at Odyssey Poros Greece


Breakfast is the moment of the day that my guests come into my kitchen and enjoy all that Olympian food that is spread out on the kitchen tables. When I started the Odyssey Bistro in 1995, I wanted to serve breakfast and cakes. That is what I did and I really loved it. Now almost 25 years later that is what I still do and love! Breakfast is my favourite!

This is all rather funny when you realize that I am not a breakfast person. I don’t like eating a big breakfast. Personally, I like a small coffee and some things to nibble (or a lot of things to nibble hahaha). I suppose that is what made me start a breakfast place; those things to nibble, and the fact that you can make so many of those nibble-things for breakfast, the possibilities are endless.

Christmas breakfast Odyssey Poros

Greek yoghurt

In the beginning the winner was always my English breakfast as we had so many British guests, not only at Odyssey but everywhere in Askeli and Poros. Those were different times. The English breakfast is still on our menu but we do not have many guests that are asking for it nowadays! An all-time favourite is our orange juice, as it is the freshest you can find and by far the nicest. But Greek yoghurt with different toppings is a great success as well.

Odyssey Christmas breakfast

With a lot of respect for the past but also with an eye to the future, we changed and evolved and became much more aware of nature and healthy habits. Today our breakfast buffet is full of fruits and many traditional healthy and organic recipes. The most important food in the center is Greek yoghurt. To have Greek yoghurt when you are in Greece is actually a must; It is creamy but not fatty and fresh in the morning. It’s soothing and sweet with some local honey or fruits, or both.

Christmas time Odyssey Poros Greece

With the Odyssey Christmas Breakfast I want to give you a bit of the Odyssey feeling at home. In this beautiful time of the year that you enjoy being at home with your family and your loved ones, make the Greek yoghurt with Greek granola so part of you is at Odyssey in thought. Who knows, maybe there will be a year that all of us, our ‘Odyssey family’, will be together at Odyssey to celebrate Christmas and New Year!

Win a bottle Odyssey extra virgin olive oil!

For Christmas we are giving away 2 bottles of Odyssey extra virgin olive oil!! Pressed from olives handpicked at our olive farm. All you have to do is share this blog about the Odyssey Christmas Breakfast on social media, and 2 of the sharers will win! We will send the extra virgin olive oil straight to your home, where ever you live.

Odyssey Christmas gift Christmas recipes

Making Greek yoghurt with Greek granola

Apart from olive oil, ground cinnamon and salt, these are all the ingredients for the Odyssey Christmas Breakfast: oats, figs, dried cranberries, pistachios (from Aegina), pine nuts, walnuts, dried papaya, sesame seeds, honey, pomegranate seeds and Greek yoghurt.

Ingredients yoghurt with Greek granola Odyssey Christmas Breakfast Poros

Odyssey Christmas breakfast Poros Greece

After preparing the Greek granola, spread it on 2 oiled oven trays. Bake it in the oven for about 35 minutes until golden, while turning the granola every 10 minutes. Let the granola cool afterwards on the oven trays!

Greek granola Christmas recipes Poros Greece

And there you go, the Greek granola is ready! Sprinkle the pomegranate seeds on top.

Greek granola for Christmas breakfast Odyssey Poros Greece Christmas recipes

Put as much granola on top of your Greek yoghurt as your like. Add some extra pomegranate seeds for more Christmas atmosphere and good taste!

Yoghurt with Greek granola Christmas breakfast Odyssey Poros Greece Christmas recipes

The entire Odyssey team and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!!

Greek Christmas Odyssey Poros Christmas recipes
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