Orange cake with yoghurt topping Poros

Orange Cake with Yoghurt Topping

For the last few months we have had to stay at home. This new situation has allowed us to think and do things that we would usually have postponed. We cleaned our house, found new hobbies, even did small renovations and so on. I cooked more and more and tried and tasted many recipes. The result: The birth of my Orange cake with yoghurt topping recipe!

Cooking with oranges

I have been isolated on the farm and my orange trees still bear fruit, so I tried a few recipes with oranges. As you can guess some of those experiments did not really work out, but my wonderful partner and love of my life Rik has been eating them bravely. That is true love, to eat the mistakes that your partner has cooked with good intention. But trust me after all those years I can read what he really likes and when he is just polite. Our chickens enjoyed eating the left overs and really loved them (If you consider their egg production a big thank you).

Oranges on Katerina's farm Greece

Orange cake with yoghurt topping

The biggest success out of all this experimenting is this beautiful orange cake with a yoghurt topping. A really nice recipe that is not difficult at all and the result is so rich in orange flavour that you will love it. Really worth trying not only according to Rik but I think so to. I would say that this is a very healthy recipe (If you can excuse me calling cake healthy) as it contains the entire fruit of the orange; all the vitamins from the juice as well as the fibre and zest.

Unfortunately, both Rik and I have gained some weight from all the “healthy” cake tasting. But we hope that soon we will start to swim again and we will get back to our weight from the start of the quarantine. We also hope that soon we will be able to go back into our normal life, and our guests and friends will return and we will be looking back to this period as a small interlude of our regular lives, as a small dream.

Try this easy, heavenly smelling, delicious orange cake with yoghurt topping, and by doing so try with me to make the memories of the quarantine sweeter.

Antique crockery for tea party

Antique crockery

Orange cake with yoghurt topping at Odyssey

Tea party on Poros Greece

Katerina's orange cake with yoghurt topping

Photography: Annette Spaan


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