Oven roasted chicken with potatoes

Today’s recipe is one of the most simple and really super-delicious; Oven roasted chicken with potatoes. Perhaps it is the first dish I ever cooked. It is a success every time, relatively cheap and everyone likes it!

Sunday dinner

In my family oven roasted chicken with potatoes was served many times for Sunday dinner. On that day we very often had friends in our house – usually uninvited – so my mother rarely put just one chicken in the oven, often it would be two. On the rare occasion we did not have any guests on Sunday, her skillful hands would transform this fantastic chicken into something else the next day.

Many of our friends and visitors at Odyssey have tried this recipe. I have seen many of them secretly licking their fingers, trying to hold on to their almost empty dishes the moment we would collect the plates from the table, just to linger a bit longer with its fantastic taste. Really all my friends that would like to cook something simple, easy and super delicious, should not wait to try this recipe. I am also confident that you could try several other variations and experiment yourself.

Organic chicken

It is my strong preference that the chicken should be organic and have grown up in a natural environment. If this is not the case I am pretty sure it will not taste as good. Look for chickens you can buy in special shops that sell organic meat. They taste well when prepared in the oven. These chickens have a little more fat than those we buy for soup, or for the pan to prepare with a (tomato) sauce. Do not fear, they don’t have a thousand more calories than the other chickens, so just leave the skin on for better flavor. Because of this little extra fat, the outer skin becomes a bit more crispy while the meat stays juicy and tasty.

Making oven roasted chicken with potatoes

Let’s make this wonderful recipe! First, place the chicken in a large oven dish. Peel the potatoes and cut them into wedges, clean the carrots and cut them into chunks. Finally cut the garlic bulbs in half, mix everything and put it around the chicken in the oven dish.

Preparing the ingredients

Making oven roasted chicken with potatoes

Season inside the chicken with ½ lemon, a sprig of rosemary and a little garlic. In a bowl squeeze the juice from the rest of the lemons, the olive oil, wine, oregano and the rest of the rosemary and mix with a fork until well blended. Add this juice into the oven dish, basting the chicken and potatoes. Finally add parts of the squeezed lemons and season everything with salt and pepper.

Season the chicken and add the juice

The chicken is ready for the oven!

Chicken ready for the oven

Generally you should not need more than 1 ½ hours for the chicken and potatoes to get ready. Does the chicken not look crispy an delicious? Indispensable for eating this dish is to combine it with a bottle of preferably Greek white wine like Moschofilero or Assyrtiko. Please let me know how your oven roasted chicken with potatoes turned out!

Oven roasted chicken with potatoes

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