Piperies Kerata Gemistes – Stuffed Green Peppers

At Odyssey we had another fantastic Greek cooking lesson yesterday. There were seven students, including four from The International Kitchen. This was the last cooking session during a week where we had so much fun and enjoyed every single cooking lesson.

Hot fire fighters

For me, this week was extra special as I had two hot men in my cooking classes. Don’t get too excited, they are fire fighters. I love having hot men in my class for the obvious reasons, but these ones also provided a great balance of fun with their practical jokes!

Because of the fire fighters participation I double checked all our fire safety regulations and equipment at Odyssey, only to find out that they are retired fire fighters, but still quite hot!!! They don’t bother so much anymore, but it’s good to know that the Odyssey is safe.


Stuffed green peppers

Yesterday we cooked the stuffed green peppers and they loved them. The peppers are not as hot as these men, so they do not require fire extinguishers. I do however add a lot of garlic for the taste and at home also some hot paprika. Of course I make sure they are not too hot to require a fire fighter, but they surely are nice to enjoy with some hot men around…

Now get some beautiful green peppers and cook along with me! We start by removing the tops of the peppers and the seeds with a sharp knife.



Cheese mixture

Mix the feta, anthotiro and kefalotiri cheese, the dill, the parsley and the hot pepper or Tabasco with a fork. Add salt and pepper to taste.


Make a round hole at the top end of each pepper and fill them with the cheese mixture.


Place the stuffed green peppers in a shallow oven dish, pour the olive oil over them and add salt. Spread the garlic in between the peppers. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 C / 350 F for 30 minutes. When the stuffed green peppers come out of the oven, they might be too hot to handle!


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