Prawn Souvlaki at Odyssey Poros Greece

Prawn Souvlaki

Today we are talking souvlaki. A very Greek recipe that most of you might know or have tasted at some point. On this blog I share with you a very special version: The Prawn Souvlaki. Before we get into that, let’s first see what my daughter Dora has to say about this typical Greek phenomenon:


‘I think souvlaki is a way of preparation (for some people it’s a lifestyle, they only eat souvlaki). You can have meat souvlaki, fish souvlaki or even vegetable souvlaki. The idea is that you make a combination of the things you like, skewer them on a stick and grill them to perfection.

I like souvlaki because there are no limits, you can put anything on a skewer, season it well and put it on the grill. All the flavours will melt together creating the perfect souvlaki. You can personalize it anyway you like, meaning that there is no possible way someone can say they don’t like souvlaki, they just haven’t tried the right one yet.’

Prawn Souvlaki

Out of all the different types of souvlaki that we make in Greece and all the combinations we make with things on a skewer, the ones with the prawns are the nicest, the juiciest, the tastiest and the loveliest, if they are made well of course!

Odyssey serving Prawn Souvlaki on Poros Greece Greek foodblog

Poem to our senses

The summer breeze that transports the smell of the sea to Odyssey and the colour of the prawn souvlaki, remind me of the beautiful summer sunsets. Prawn souvlaki is not just food to fill our bellies, it’s like a poem to our senses! When the prawns are coming off the grill and you squeeze a few lemon juice drops on them, you think you are no longer on earth but in heaven.

I don’t think that people one day woke up and said ‘Let’s make a prawn souvlaki.’ I think that such a job took hundreds of years to be perfected and presented to us in its current state.


So, Ladies and Gentlemen, today I present you the one and only most fantastic way of preparing prawns: Prawn Souvlaki! Given an extra special taste because of the delicious Ladolemono-dressing; a mix of olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, oregano and salt and pepper.

My personal advice: this typical seafood dish is best enjoyed with a nice glass of ouzo!

Lemon for the Prawn Souvlaki Odyssey Poros Greece

Making Prawn Souvlaki

After you have made the Ladolemono-dressing, place your souvlaki skewers in some water to soak, to make sure they will not go into flames on the barbecue. Pass the skewers through the prawns.

Prawn Souvlaki ready for the barbecue Odyssey Poros Greece

Turn on the barbecue and when it’s hot, place the skewers on the grill. Brush them with the ladolemono-dressing. Turn them around and brush them again. Grill for approximately 1 minute on each side until the prawns turn pink. When ready, place the prawn souvlaki on a serving plate with the bowl of the Ladolemono-dressing. Enjoy this wonderful fish recipe!

Greek Prawn Souvlaki Odyssey Poros Greek foodblog Greek recipes

Prawn Souvlaki from Greece Poros Greek recipes Foodblog
Photography Annette Spaan


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