Stuffed Chicken for Christmas

Stuffed Chicken for Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy holidays!

The Christmas blog is always our favorite one! and even though we sometimes struggle with finding time for our blog we always make sure we have a christmas blog! Christmas has always been about family and spending time with loved ones, as our odyssey family we love sharing these recipes with you and being a small part of your christmas.

Katerina always goes way over the top and makes 12 course meals but we thought a 3 course meal would also be fantastic so This year we are sharing our recipes together so you can recreate these as a christmas or holiday dinner , our soup with christmas tree is the starter the chicken is our main and a chocolate orange mousse as desert.

We hope you like these recipes and enjoy them as much as we do ! best wishes to you all



For Christmas we will do a stuffed chicken this year. 


My parents always cooked this dish and I love continuing the tradition. It is always a strong part of our Christmas memories to share this tasty and full of beautiful aromas dish . This is not a very old  tradition in Pelopinessos our part of Greece. My grandfather from Troizin was always having pork for Christmas and that was much more common at this time of the year in the area. Before Christmas every family used to slaugther a pig and prepare it for the year. But customs are changing. Nothing stays the same for ever. So my family and probably more families like mine, started preparing a stuffed chicken for Christmas in the 60s.


You will understand why we love it, mainly from the colours and the aromas when you are cooking it and lateron when it arrives on the festive table,  in all its glory,  full of colours and aromas. It is an easy recipe that needs some time to prepare but you will not regret taking the time for it.  The happiness on the faces of your friends and family around the Christmas table will pay you off for all the effort and work. Very important to me for choosing this dish is that it is a practical dish for that busy day of the year. The day of Christmas you would like to spend as much time as possible with your loved ones, you don’t want to spend it in the kitchen.

You can prepare the stuffed chicken a day in advance and keep it well covered in the refrigerator (well covering in this case is very very important). The day of Christmas you take it of the refridgerator and you put it in the oven that is preheated. You start with your glass of wine and something to nibble,  up to the moment that the chicken is ready to serve.


This year we are cooking for Christmas with Dora.  Something traditional from my side, something modern and beautiful from her side. I am so proud of the result. I am very proud and greatefull of the happiness to work together and creating the future. So thankful of the beautiful Odyssey in life that I got, enjoy and share.

I wish you a very happy Christmas full of happiness, kitchen creativity, warmth smiles and sharing all that with the people you love and care.


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