Sun dried tomatoes

Summer is in full swing again! A perfect time to dry tomatoes. Not in the oven, but outside of course! Let the sunshine make your dried tomatoes taste absolutely yummy. You can dry them anywhere the sun shines bright and strong. I personally like to put them on the roof of the Odyssey Bistro. Sun dried tomatoes are great in salads, pasta’s or even as a snack. Let me show you how I prepare them. First of all get some ripe plum tomatoes.


Cut the tomatoes in half, lengthwise. Remove the seeds and put them with the skin side down on a baking dish.


Prepare in a bowl a mixture of sea salt, peppercorns and oregano.


Sprinkle it over the tomatoes.




Place the baking dish outside in the direct sun and cover it with a net to protect it. Keep it like this for more or less 2 days, it all depends on the amount of sunshine. For this reason you need to check the tomatoes a couple of times.


You will see the tomatoes loose their moisture and shrivel more and more every day.


Leathery texture

The tomatoes are just about sun dried when their texture is a bit leathery. Keep in mind that probably the tomatoes will not all be ready at the same time. Make sure you don’t dry them too long, because they will become a bit tough.

Keep the sun dried tomatoes in a dry place until you want to use them. When you do, put them in warm water (or white wine) over night and drain them the next day. Put the tomatoes in a bowl with olive oil and whatever else you would like to add, like garlic and salt.


Enjoy the summer and your very own sun dried tomatoes!!


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