Spinach soup for Christmas

The Little Christmas Car Story

We all have Christmas decorations. I keep mine year after year, but every Christmas I also buy a couple of new ones. So, you can imagine that I have quite a collection. I am probably not the only one, as most people I know have collected a lot over time. This year something unexpected happened with one particular Christmas decoration…

Christmas car with decorations

Christmas decorations

Some items in my collection of Christmas decorations could be hanging in my Christmas tree for the last time this year. For other decorations it really does not matter how old they are or how used they look, I just want to keep using them forever. I remember a couple of decorations in the tree of my mother in law, Dora ten Arve, that came from her parents. We all love those cute symbols from times past, bringing back sweet memories of the people we love.

Christmas car snowman

Hope for the future

This year a new, but in reality old decoration, appeared on Katerina’s Kouzina; The little white car. It has been ‘driving and carrying’ all the delicious recipes that I and Dora made for the Christmas blogs. Looking back I think it appeared on Katerina’s Kouzina for a reason; To remind us that even though 2020 is a different year unlike any other with unique and limited Christmas celebrations, we are still getting inspired. The little white car carries the message that love, affection, care and warmth are still within and around us. With that, it will ‘give us a lift’ into 2021; a ride that will fill all of us with good hopes for a bright and healthy new year.

Beetroot Christmas

Christmas car becomes a star

The little white car doesn’t belong to me, but to Annette Spaan, my gifted friend who takes the beautiful pictures and does the wonderful styling for Katerina’s Kouzina. She worked especially hard on the Christmas blogs this year. I would like to thank her for all her effort, love, care, inspiration, patience and persistence. Annette found the little white car in her attic, where it patiently waited for years, maybe decades, to become a star on the blog.

Feta Christmas

Feta snow

I, the entire Odyssey family and the little white car wish you a fantastic, loving and inspiring Christmas!!

Christmas car driving home for Christmas

Christmas birds

Greek Christmas car

Christmas car Christmas wish

Photography: Annette Spaan


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