Tomato & feta cream soup served with a Christmas Tree

Tomato & feta cream soup served with a Christmas Tree

Tomato & feta cream soup with a Christmas Tree

Dear readers, after more than 6 years and more than 150 articles in my lovely wifes Katerina’s blog, I decided it is time for my appearance in her blog. Our daughter Dora, her husband and a lot of dear friends have already made this step. With this Christmas approaching rapidly, I decided it was my time to make this huge step and publish also a recipe. Not a recipe that I have come up with, but a recipe very dear to me. Tomato & feta cream soup.

Christmas time in Holland, were we spend quite often Christmas together with my parents and my dear brother and his wife, was always a challenge for my mother. She insisted always on cooking christmas dinner, but then she realized that cooking was not her most favorite hobby. She had to make a menu of what to cook. Luckily the start of the christmas dinner was easy. She would prepare a russian potato salad, which she bought always pre-prepared from the supermarket. The second dish was also easy, this was every year a soup. This would either be the ox-tail soup which was the favourite of my father. Or ir would be a tomato cream soup, from a tin or package from the supermarket as well, being the favourite of my brother and myself. Even before I met my lovely Katerina.

Once Katerina started supporting my mother with her preparations for the christmas dinner, everything about the christmas dinnerĀ  changed. Not that my mother was not a good cook, but Katerina took it to another level completely. My mother not just let her take over her kitchen all in once, but the recipe that did convince my mother that her future daughter in law was an excellent cook, is the recipy that follows. I remember the big smile on my fathers face when he tasted this tomato cream soup for the first time. With him also my brother and my mother and myself were enjoying this soup very much and all wanted a second plate, before continuing with the rest of the christmas dinner.

Try this recipe and determine for yourselves the excellent taste of this beautifull christmas soup. And you know what, you can also enjoy this soup when it is not christmas. If you have read some of our previous blogs you might have understood my daughter is slightly obsessed with soups, another reason to publish this recipe.

Together with the soup, my daughter convinced me to serve the soup with a mini christmas trees made out of puff pastry, and a big puff pastry tree to share. The christmas tree is actually a homage to my wife’s christmas dinners she would make for our whole family. She kept making them years on end, most likely because we all loved them so much, and maybe also because they are just super easy and quick to make.

These puff pastry christmas trees remind me of family coziness and most of all christmas and food. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did and still do.

I wish you the nicest christmas you can wish for, with all dear ones around you.


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