Valentine Koulouri Breakfast

Valentine Koulouri Breakfast

On Valentine’s Day we talk of romance and love and we all try to think of original ideas to express our love. To me, my parents’ story is the most beautiful love story of all. This year they have been married for 57 years! They are still in love and take care of each other a lot. I am going to share with you how they inspired me to make my Valentine Koulouri Breakfast!

A love story

My father, from a very early age was always looking for new business ideas and possibilities; an entrepreneurial spirit has always been part of his character. Born before the war, he lost his father during the dark years of the German occupation of Greece. His mother struggled to keep the family going during those years of famine and hunger. He was the youngest of the 4 children and the one that could never settle easily. After having tried a few business plans successfully, he made the decision to start a taverna to give him and his family an opportunity for a better living.

Katerina's father

He found a tavern next to the high school on Poros. Back in the 50s the high school was at the same place as it is now. Even today there is a tavern run by a friend. At the age of 20 my father was running and working in the tavern. Of course he was looking at the beautiful young girls that were attending school and passing by every day.

My mother was born in the village of Troizina nearby; she is the only daughter in a family of 8 children. When she finished primary school, her father and mother agreed that she would go to the high school on Poros. Well, that was a big commitment as she had to cycle 8 kilometers from Troizina to Galatas, take the boat and then cycle to school. She was lucky enough to have a beloved auntie on Poros so she could stay a few days there from time to time.

Katerina's mother at Odyssey Poros

Love at first sight

When my father saw my mother for the first time, he thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He secretly punctured her tyre so that he could impress her by fixing it. What better way to impress a girl than by fixing a punctured tyre? Talk about love at the first sight! My mother was not very impressed and she had to stop school that year. All my father’s efforts had no effect. But…a few years later they met again, fell in love and started a family!

Wedding picture

Koulouri bread ring

The koulouri is a traditional Greek recipe that I have written about twice before. This delicious bread ring has a crispy crust and is covered with sesame seeds. I love it so much, I even created a Christmas Koulouri last year! From the start of my parents’ life together, every morning my father brought a fresh koulouri home for my mother when he came back from shopping in Poros town. They loved to eat it together when it was still warm.

Katerina's parents Valentine

Valentine Koulouri Breakfast

This year on Valentine’s Day, why not give your beloved the same joy and serve him or her a koulouri for breakfast! To make it extra special, bake eggs inside it, put it on a beautiful plate and decorate it with some flowers. The Valentine Koulouri Breakfast is a simple but delicious one. Meet my dear chickens that gave me the eggs!

Katerina's chickens

My wish for you all is that your love is like the koulouri: round, without beginning nor end so your love may be everlasting.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!!

Katerina enjoying Koulouri

Valentine Koulouri Breakfast at Odyssey

Flowers for the Valentine Koulouri Breakfast

Koulouri breakfast for your Valentine

Katerina's Valentine Koulouri Breakfast

Food photography: Annette Spaan


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