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Htipiti or Xthipiti or Chtipiti

This dip is light, fluffy, cheesy, delicious and comforting, or at least for me. My yaya (grandma) would whip this up in no time and it goes with everything. But my absolute favorite pairing is with yaya’s Fries, she fries in olive oil which gives the potatoes a slight sweet aftertaste and the saltiness of this dip makes a perfect combination.

Htipiti in Greek means beaten or Whipped.

Normally we use a mortar and pestle to make this dip.

Which means all your anger can go into beating the feta cheese. But all jokes aside this deliciously light fluffy cheese dip does not taste the same if you add it to a blender.

I understand we are mostly in a hurry and don't have time to spend 10-15 min on a dip alone but if you do find the time it is definitely worth it.

Even though I am telling you to do it the hard way, my yaya, whose recipe this is, uses a blender. In her defense she's 85 years old and does not have the strength anymore.

Enjoy this delicious little dip!

Photography: Annette Spaan

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200 gr of feta cheese
200 gr of full fat greek yogurt
2 medium size roasted red peppers
4 tablespoons Olive oil
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
Optional: to make it more spicy add a roasted chili pepper or some chili flakes


1. Add your feta, roasted red peppers and olive oil to your mortal and beat/whip them until it has become a paste.
2. Add the Greek yogurt and fold it into the feta and pepper paste.
3. Mix in the pepper and any other herb or spice you'd like
4.Garnish with a little more olive oil and serve with some warm bread or fries

Servings : 6 people
Ready in : 10 Minutes
Recipe Type : Vegetarian

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