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Chocolate & Orange mousse

Desert, who does not like desert. I am pretty sure we have a whole second stomach for it, even when we think we can not eat anymore there is always a space for dessert. My mom is the queen of cakes and desserts. She can make something out of nothing, and yes I did do pastry / patisserie studies, but my best recipes are still my moms.

She has taught me that you can make something very nice very quick and easy and to never be afraid if you forget to make dessert ( which yes happens quite often) because you can whip something up in no time. I remember a couple of years ago she had made a 12 course christmas dinner and it was amazing as always but when time came for desert she realized she forgot to make her famous creme caramel but before you know it without anyone ever noticing she whipped up this fantastic mousse, as I said she has the ability to make something out of nothing.

It is light, fluffy , full creamy and full of flavor all at the same time. This recipe is her base recipe for all our mousses, for instance her famous lemon mousse. but for this one we are adding chocolate, orange and yes you guessed it pomegranate as orange and pomegranate are both in season.

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400 gr Greek yoghurt
400 gr Full heavy cream
100 gr sugar
100 gr dark chocolate
1 orange zested


1. Melt your chocolate au bain marie
2. Add all your remaining ingredients to your mixer make sure your diaries are nice and cold
3. Whisk everything together until it has stiff peaks.
4. Now carefully fold in your chocolate to make sure it is not too hot.
5. Once the chocolate is all folded in add it to a piping bag and fill your serving glass half way leaving a space for some pomegranate seeds if you have time to spare let it set in the fridge for an hour if not garnish and serve.

Servings : 4
Ready in : 90 Minutes
Recipe Type : Christmas

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