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Cucumber Juice Cocktail

In my previous blog I mentioned that Odyssey was the first restaurant that let me experiment with alcohol and cocktails. One of the people that really pushed me to try different things was my mother-in-law, who you all know as Katerina! This blog about my cucumber juice cocktail is a tribute to her.

Katerina always pushes everyone to be their best self, to try new things and experiment in the kitchen, as she herself loves to do. She is also very passionate about being eco-friendly, recycling and using all of the ingredients that you cook with.

Tzatziki leftovers

During one of Katerina’s cookery classes, she handed me green juice. Her cooking students had just made tzatziki (one of the secrets to a good tzatziki is straining the cucumber), so I got handed green juice with no explanation and Katerina told to do something with it. As this was a couple of years ago and I was still brand new to Odyssey and my mother in law, of course there was this need to impress her.

Cucumber Juice Cocktail

Since Katerina loves cocktails and gin, everything fell into place; I was going to make a cucumber juice cocktail! It turned out to be fresh, full of Summer fun and easy to make. By now it has become a staple in our Odyssey cooking class.

Thank you, Katerina, for always pushing me to experiment.

Yamas everybody!!

Cocktail full of Summer!

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2 shots of gin
2 shots of homemade lemonade
Juice of half a cucumber
3 ice cubes
Optional: Lemon slices


1. Fill a glass with the ice.
2. Add lemon slices if you want to make it look and taste even better.
3. Add the cucumber juice and the shots of homemade lemonade and gin.
4. Fill the rest of your glass with the tonic and stir 2-3 times before drinking.
5. Serve it in a glass of your choice.

Servings : 1 person
Ready in : 05 Minutes
Recipe Type : Drinks

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