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Pomegranate - Mint Tea

At Odyssey we are very lucky to have guests that feel so at home, that they keep coming back and never get enough of us. They are our lucky charms and we are always so happy to see them again and have them grow older with us. These guests usually have their favorite food or drinks. Today’s we highlight the favorite hot drink of Mari Karakalos: Pomegranate-Mint Tea.

Poet of life

Mari is originally from the United States, but has been living on Poros for 23 years. I think if you ask her she will say that she is a Poriotisa, somebody from Poros, like me. Mari is a poet of life. She is beautiful inside and out, never complains and is always happy. Her house has the most wonderful view to the sea and the bay of Poros-town. Her friends happily climb the 85 stairs to her house and watch the sunset from her balcony.

Mari has an eclectic taste and she loves very fine and elegant things. At Odyssey we love serving our guests healthy teas, so when we introduced our Pomegranate-Mint Tea last year, we asked Mari for her opinion of course. It has been her favourite tea ever since!

Pomegranate - Mint Tea

She likes the elegant and subtle taste of the pomegranates in combination with the sweet mint. Of course the impressive looks of the drink play a part. In addition to that, something that is very important to both of us: the health benefits. The fresh and wonderful pomegranate-mint tea is full of antioxidants and vitamins. Pomegranates keep you young and vital, you know! Mint is good for cleansing the body, it’s refreshing, anti septic and some say prevents cancer.

Mari and I hope you enjoy making the pomegranate-mint tea at home, or even better, come drink it with us at Odyssey!

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For one cup of tea
Boiled water
5 big mint leaves
A handful of pomegranate seeds


1. Boil the water
2. Fill the tea cup with the pomegranates and the mint
3. Pour the boiled water in the tea cup and let it stand for 5 minutes before you drink it

Servings : 1
Ready in : 10 Minutes
Recipe Type : Drinks

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Katerina's Kouzina
Konstantina – 2021/09/06 at 01:44

Katerina, this is like drinking “Heaven” in a cup, so soothing, refreshing and relaxing. I always keep a teapot full on the stove and drink it all day. Wish I could give you a great big hug🤗❣❣

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