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Romantic Poros

Romantic Poros

Today is Valentines Day, a day of romance. I thought about what that word means to me. According to the Urban Dictionary the definition of a romantic is:

A romantic is a person who believes in romanticism, which is like a philosophy on life. Romantics love nature, old things like castles and churches, love poetry and beauty, and have a tendency to get carried away by ideas. This can be both bad and good, as most of the original romantics stood up for their beliefs and greatly helped England, but also went to help people in revolutions and got killed. They also tend to get randomly depressed, but this is because the weather and colors and beautiful things make them act differently than others. Lord Byron was the greatest romantic who will ever live.

A romantic feeling

Romantic often means candlelit dinners, red roses, and pampering accommodations. All things that will remind people of a certain happening or something that we were made to believe that is romantic. To me romantic is not only the love between a couple, but more the feeling I get in some places and at specific times; places that boast of their own romantic atmosphere. You feel there is just something in the air that gives a nice, comfortable and warm feeling as soon as you arrive. Like when you stroll through the harbor or walk in the small streets of a little town.

Romantic can be the peace I feel when I walk under the pine trees or I see the sea all covered with a dark gold or dark silver color at dawn. A night with a full moon that turns everything into magic. It’s something that makes you feel comfortable and warm in the winter, peaceful and in balance during the autumn and cool and wonderfully excited in the summer.

To me Poros is the most romantic place, especially in the winter it gives me a very romantic feeling. Some places are more intense than others, but visiting Poros is – like my friend Rinke said last week – walking into a warm bath, that gives me feelings I can’t compare with anything else! This feeling inspired me to give you the following recipe for a romantic dinner:

Romantic dinner

Persons: 2
Preparation time: 10 min
Ready in: 1 week


Optional: wine to be provided by me


Email me and book a romantic week at The Odyssey with the person you would love to share it with. Take your suitcase, fill it with love and head straight to Poros. There you are going to have the most fantastic romantic week ever. In the mean time print the following pictures of the romantic places you are going to visit during your stay with us, because here are my favorites!

My most favorite romantic places on Poros:

Love Bay

On Poros we actually have a beach that is dedicated to love: Love Bay. A beautiful place surrounded by pine trees. Rumor has it when you go there for a swim, you will fall in love…


In front of Russian Bay beach there is a tiny island with nothing but a little school on it, one that is now closed. It’s called Daskalio. An amazing place to watch the sunset and….get married! Can you believe that when you look at the island from up above, it actually has the shape of a heart?

The view to Poros-town from Daskalio is out of this world. In the night you can see the lights twinkle.

View from the church by the mill

Poros consists of two islands that are connected with a little bridge. Poros-town is situated on Spheria island. On top of it there is a church close to a mill. From there, you have one of the best views on the bay of Poros. You can also see the Sleeping Lady, a part of the Peloponnese Mountains that is shaped like a woman lying on the ground. Go there to watch the sunset!

Vagionias bay

The trip to Vagionias bay alone is worth the visit. To get there from Odyssey you cross a big part of the island. Before you arrive, you drive down a beautiful rural road, very quiet and peaceful. Sit down on the beach, have a glass of wine and just stare at the horizon. Off-season there is a big chance you are alone.

The olive farm

You probably know Odyssey has an olive farm. When you walk down all the way to the end, the sea borders the land. It’s there where I sit down every now and then and just stare at the amazing views. On one side you can see Poros-town, on the other side the Peloponnese Mountains and the Sleeping Lady. Last year we had the first couple get married on the farm! It’s the prefect setting for a wedding. So who knows what will happen when you come to Poros; you might end up going home with a ring on your finger!

We look forward to welcome you on Poros and show you these romantic places and many more!

Happy Valentines Day!!

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Al Johnson - 2016/02/14 at 11:01

A nice Article and great photos, Katerina. But surely you missed out the little pier at your end of Askeli beach!

Helen Farrar - 2016/02/14 at 16:34

Katerina, I am in a swoon of memories from hearing your words! I remember our lovely hike to the church on the hill. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Rick, Dora, and the Odyssey staff. With love, Helen & Ken

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