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The winner to experience Greek Easter is...

The winner to experience Greek Easter is...

As you probably know, The Odyssey has given the opportunity to win a free stay for a week during Greek Easter. In order to win, we asked people to write a funny or special experience they had while preparing the recipes of my blog, or while they were cooking with me in one of my workshops.

Thank you

I want to say a big thank you to the people who sent me their wonderful stories! I have enjoyed reading them so much. It was wonderful to read how you enjoy my recipes, cooking workshops, and life at The Odyssey. It is an honor to hear how much visiting the Odyssey has ment to some people. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.

Now it’s time to announce the winner...

Number 3

The third place goes to Helen (and Ken) Farrar from the United States. Her story about making my chocolate and orange cake for Thanksgiving made me smile. I am sorry it did not go as planned Helen ☺.

Number 2

The second place goes to not one but two people. I think they both equally deserve it: Elisabeth Bitros from the United States and Ingrid von Bentheim from South Africa. In Elisabeth’s story she writes about how cooking with me reminded her of cooking with her deceased mother, something that really touched me. Ingrid has been visiting us for many years. In her beautiful story she let’s us in on all the Odyssey family means to her.

Number 1

The winning story comes all the way from New Zealand. It’s well written, funny, witty and gives a pretty good impression of the chaos and madness of cooking at The Odyssey. I laughed my head of reading it. Al Johnson, congratulations on writing the best story!! You are the winner!!


Helen and Ken will receive a box with all kinds of Odyssey goodies. Enjoy it Helen and Ken! For Elisabeth and Ingrid who share the second position, I have some unexpected good news…Since yours and Al’s story were so wonderful and almost impossible to choose between, not only Al, but all three of you have won a free week at Odyssey!!! I welcome you all to celebrate Greek Easter with us!!! Bring your dancing shoes and a big appetite!!

Our winner Al will be rewarded with an extra present while he is staying with us. Since the winners will be blogging about their experiences during Greek Easter, keep your eye on the blog to find out what that is!

The winning stories

The winning stories will be on in the upcoming weeks together with a recipe that was made by the winner during the cooking classes.

Spend Greek Easter at Odyssey!

Would you also like to spend Greek Easter at The Odyssey? Let us know! We are very happy to have you as our guest during the most important holiday in Greece. Please join us and cook our traditional Easter dishes, put the lamb on the spit, play the game of egg tapping and experience our religious traditions. We hope to see you soon!

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Helen Farrar - 2016/01/31 at 01:09

Hi Katerina and our friends at Odyssey,
We are delighted to win third place and can’t wait to get our treats, and to read the stories. You are so incredibly generous which is what makes me smile anytime anything comes up about the Odyssey. Ken and I look forward to coming back–maybe for the Easter festivities next year!!! Much love and gratitude to you all, H K
p.s. After I wrote my story, I realized what a grumpy cook I generally am, and how sad that it, so now I try to conjure you up whenever I cook so that I bring you enthusiasm and love to my own cooking!

Al Johnson - 2016/03/06 at 06:59

Crikey ! It’s a huge and humbling privilege to win this accolade, and I will look forward to Greek Easter that you have always said is one of the best times of the year. I will of course bring some of my favourite New Zealand recipes, such as Barbie’d shark on Vogel bread sandwich, and Slow-roasted Kiwi-bird with chocolate and feijoa stuffing.
Of course I will be up for most surprises but refuse to do any more Tango as I have officially hung up those shoes!

Ingrid - 2016/03/08 at 16:58

This is a dream of mine which has finally come true. Thank you so much for including me such a special time of year. I look forward to making new friends and many more precious memories. See you soon!

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